October Alphabet Trends O is for...

'O is for Olive'

That's right, O is for Olive and I ain't mad about it.  You may know it as cargo, army, or military green but I just call it Olive. It is by far my favorite color to wear pretty much all the time, but during the Fall I can not get enough and find a way to wear it every chance I get. I have scarves, tops, skirts, and pants that are all in this amazing color.  The most worn piece I have and probably the most common Olive colored wardrobe piece that you should invest in, is a pair of skinny jeans/pants, but since I have worn mine to death on here, I decided to show you two new ways to rock the olive color this season.

Let's start with a blouse.  Whether it's a button down, like in this look or if it's something more delicate like the look below, an Olive top is a great way to go (yes, I know that rhymed) .  I found this blouse on clearance from H&M a couple weeks ago and knew it would fit in great this season so I obviously bought it. Other than the obvious Fall neutrals, a great color to pair with Olive is Burgundy so I paired it with this super adorable tweed-y blazer and a pair of jeans.  With a look like this, you can easily wear heels or flats, but today was a boot day so I paired mine with some edgy studded ankle boots. 

Another great Olive piece is a skirt if you can find one.  They look great with everything that the olive pants would look good with but easily elevate your outfit from casual to dressy.  I paired mine with a leopard blouse and a small pop of orange with this necklace I recently re-discovered in my collection and my super worn black ankle booties. 

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Stay Stylish Ladies!

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