October Alphabet Trends: J is for...

Although the outpouring support of the NFL during Breast Cancer Awareness month is humbling, and it's overwhelming to see a bunch of macho, grown men set their pride aside and swap out key pieces of their uniform for bright pink ones, one thing that doesn't change is their jerseys....and Thank God for that.  

Stores actually sell pink football jersey's year round for the super girly girls of the world and (confession time) I absolutely hate them! Now, there are ways to "girlify" a football look, but you can totally have fun styling a traditional jersey, maintain your feminine appearance, and stay comfortable and game-day appropriate.  

I may be a feminine woman on the outside, but on the inside I am sports loving tomboy who would rather watch a good game than go to the mall any given Sunday.  So today, I'm going to show you how to style an official football jersey because today, for October's Alphabet Trends....

'J is for Jersey'
Let's start off with college, my school, and I'll show you my fun twist on an NCAA jersey.  Usually, on a game day, if I'm going to a sports bar I'll just wear jeans and chucks but I know that may not be everyone's cup of tea so here is an alternative.  If you want to add some sleekness to your look you can swap out your normal distressed jeans for a pair of black skinny legged pants or leggings.  Instead of chucks, or normal sneakers, you can go with some knee high black boots that are perfectly Fall appropriate.  To layer it up today, I added my go-to cargo jacket that I recently snagged for just $17 (after coupon and sale)!

I've always been a college football fan, mainly because the Buckeyes kick ass and are #1, and never associated myself with the NFL, but after I started dating John....I was converted.  I started liking his team and I'm still a fan today! I remember asking him one day why he likes the Browns who's record is, well, not the best one to choose from.  After he explained that he enjoyed rooting for the underdog, my love for the team grew and I no longer felt like I was rooting for John's team because I had no one else to root for, but I truly took on the life, of being a Brown's fan.  To style this look, I played on the team color and added pops of orange in my jersey and earrings.  To add some flair, I wore leopard print heels because....I just.....can't.....stop!

Did I mention my jersey was only $14.99 comparable to $100! Oh yeah, it's Men's.
So I hope you like these two ideas on how to style an actual football jersey.  I'm never one to reach for the pink jerseys, the bedazzled screen tees or the glittery sports gear. I had a lot of fun styling two fashion forward looks around both my teams! If you put a football friendly fashion outfit together tag it with #ASFOfootballfashion so I can see them :) 
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