October Alphabet Trends: T is for...

'T is for Trench'
So it finally happened, after 21 days and over 45 outfits, I got outfit block. So unfortunately, today, I only have one look to share with you all.  I may update my article later on when I can think of another trench coat look, but for today, let me just show you a super classic fall look that any woman can replicate and rock this season. 

Here's what you'll need:
1. A pair of dark wash jeans
2. A pair of leopard print pumps. If you don't have them by now....RUN AND GO BUY SOME RIGHT NOW!
3. A "borrowed from the boys" button up shirt. This can be your boyfriend's shirt, or any guy friend really who is a size or two bigger than you. Aim for the token light blue with pinstripes one that most men own.
4. A Classic Tan Trench

This combination is absolutely gorgeous, and seriously...it's disgustingly chic.  This outfit compliments the potential lack of curves on certain women's body types, and looks flawless hugging the wider hips and well endowed bust of a curvy women, by tying the trench belt behind your back to outline your hourglass shape.  Now, if you're not a leopard print pump type of person, feel free to swap out the shoes for nude heels, or simple flats.  

Stay Stylish

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