October Alphabet Trends: M is for...

'M is for Motorcycle Jacket'

Leather is huge this year, and if you ask anyone who knows anything about style to name the first thing that pops in their head when you say "leather"....they will probably say "jacket". It's a go to wardrobe staple for every man and woman of every style, but you can get the most out of it during the Fall. Genuine leather needs proper care, so sometimes getting them wet in the winter (from the snow) can damage them. In the summer it's just too hot and in the spring they are just too harsh for a season appropriate look.  

After years and years of searching, I finally found THE PERFECT leather jacket for my style, and luckily they are super on trend right now so I can wear mine every other day.  Now, my leather jacket does fall into the category of a "motorcycle jacket" rather than simply a jacket that is made of leather.  Mine has harsher hardware on it, and silver zippers.  In my opinion, the leather jackets that are more for "fashion purposes" are usually lighter weight with few to no metal detailing.  Being realistic though, I understand my black jacket below is way too edgy for some women's personal style preference so I have showcased 3 of my leather jackets today, that are not only Fall appropriate but hopefull fall into every women's style preference in one way or another.  

'The Black Moto Jacket'
Let's start with the token leather jacket.  Mine is from Wilson's Leather and is genuine leather which I usually don't wear.  I won't bore you with the details since I've already talked in depth about it in a previous article.  This jacket is for the women who would define her style as edgy, punk, dark, or rocker.  You can add this jacket to almost any outfit that you want to make that outfit fit your style.  You can now buy those frou-frou overly feminine dresses and simply add your tough leather jacket and combat boots to bring the look to your style.  You can wear it in the fall with all your outfits, and add low, black booties to stay Fall appropriate.  Today, though, I added a little leopard print in the form of my new $3 clearance skirt, and a screen tee to keep my look tough head to toe.  I then added my heeled lace up ankle bootie to help elongate my legs.

Jacket: Wilson's Leather / Skirt: JCP / Tee: Converse Store / Booties: Bakers

'The Fall Jacket'
If you want a jacket that screams Fall, and doesn't just fit into it, you really should consider investing in a Cognac Brown jacket.   Mine is a super old purchase that I made back in 11th grade on Black Friday from JCPenney and after rounds and rounds of wardrobe cuts, and not wearing it for about 2 years, I rekindled my love for Mr. Cognac and have worn him so much the past couple months that I'm sure you're getting tired of seeing him.  Now, if you are a women who has or buys a lot of earth toned clothing then this is a great jacket to buy because it will pair with a lot of your existing wardrobe.  Cognac Brown goes well with everything from pale yellows and deep oranges to navy blues and harsh purples....and coganc during the Fall, do I even need to explain? For my look today, I paired mine with a burgundy lace dress that I wore VERRRRY recently ;) That last time I wore this dress, it was paired with all leather, but this time, I rocked a floral scarf and orange studded belt.  My mini orange purse complemented the color of my dress, and my booties match my jacket to complete my look! 

 Dress: Target / Purse and Belt: Aria / Scarf: Marshalls / Jacket: JCP / Earrings: Aria / Booties: DSW

'The She Jacket'
Now for all of you ladies who still aren't convinced you should buy a leather jacket, I'm about to change your mind.  Girly girls, you know who you are...don't deny it.  You love the ruffles, you enjoy shiny things, you like glitter and sparkle, and don't even get me started on pink.  If you own a lot of ligher colored clothing, or lots of ruffles and floral prints....this if your jacket right here.  A cream colored leather jacket pairs perfectly with all of the delicate clothing I know you have in your closet.  Don't even worry about it not being Fall appropriate though, if you take one of your ruffly, floral tops from Spring/Summer and you layer it under your cream colored jacket, and pair it with some staple olive skinnies, you will look fantasticly Fall.  Staying true to MYSELF though, I had to add some studded ankle booties that I bought a couple years ago.

Pleather Jacket: Wilson's Leather / Top: Thrifted / Pants: Target / Booties: Forever21 / Earrings: Aria
So ladies, put....down....the laptop or phone and go buy YOUR perfect leather jacket! There is one out there for everybody and plenty of Fall left for you to rock yours!
Thanks so much for stopping by today I love you all.

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