October Alphabet Trends: G is for...

'G is for Gingham'

One of my favorite prints is all over the place this year.....Gingham. Some may not know the exact term of this specific print and often get it confused with either checkers or plaid. Here's a quick fashion lesson so you can learn the different and follow the trend flawlessly. Below are examples of checkered print (left) and plaid (right).

Now, let's take a look at what a Gingham print is
Notice plaid has lines, and checkers are solid squares, whereas the gingham has the opaque squares thrown into the mix as well.  Sooo.....hopefully you can see the difference and enjoyed today's little lesson and we can move on to two different examples of how to rock the Gingham print trend this year! 

Now for this first look, I guess I just got lucky, and I found this adorable large Gingham print blazer at the thrift shop.  When I'm dealing with a statement piece like this, I stick with nothing but solids for the rest of the look.  This outfit is something you can wear on the warmer Fall days, or if you live in a naturally warmer climate year round but still want to rock a Fall trend.  My olive shorts were yet another JCP clearance find that I got for less than $3 when their clearance was an additional 25% off! Since olive green ("army green") is so in this year, the color alone brings the whole outfit to Fall perfectly.  I kept the outfit cool and casual by adding chucks, and white enamel earrings.

This is yet another look for all you warm weather ladies.  I have no problem wearing super bright colors in the middle of Fall and neither should you! I let my gingham button up peak out from the bototm of the sleeves, the collar, and the bottom of the sweater.  I like to have fun with unexpected color combos so I paired my bright yellow shorts with a royal blue sweater. You can totally have fun with shorts in the fall by just wearing a Fall print and cute ankle booties, mine are Christian Siriano (for Payless :P) 

So what do you all think about shorts for Fall? Comment Below!
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