October Alphabet Trends: L is for...

'L is for Leather'
There is no better way to start this article than by saying this: I love the LOOK of leather, but I try to stay away from genuine leather as an ethical choice. I'm a giant animal lover and animal rights activist, I adopted my dog from a rescue shelter and he brought me the most happiness any Chihuahua possibly could. However, I do own 2 pieces in my wardrobe that are in fact, genuine leather. I'm neither vegan nor a member of PETA so I slipped up twice and didn't even realize it. Unfortunately those two pieces also happen to be two of the most expensive things I own so I am keeping them for now. For the most part though I do avoid real leather and I absolutely will never wear genuine fur. So today....let's rock the hell out of some (p)leather!

I can not even explain how thrilled I am that leather is huge this season! Leather accents, leather trim, leather pants, leather jackets.....and I am loving every minute of it. The one piece that I am head over heels for though, are these leather skater skirts that I have been seeing all over the place. I saw a blogger of mine style her's beautifully and I set out to find one of my very own. I happened to track mine down from H&M for a very reasonable $24.95. If you want one with a little more depth though, you can probably easily find one for less than thirty bucks at a variety of stores.  Forever21, JCPenney, even Target all have these adorable Fall friendly skirts that add the perfect amount of spunk to an of your current looks! I decided to play up the edge for this look and add my new army green tank that I snagged for less than $2 at the JCP super clearance. To add to the edgy look I threw on my mini studded belt and my adorable handcuff earrings!

So for this next look, I dressed up the leather in a more sophisticated way by taking a tough trend and adding some femininity. Both my amazing leather sleeved, tweed blazer and my beautiful lace dress are Target finds that they are still selling right now.  I love this blazer because of the cut, and the fact that it doesn't have a collar allows you to really pair it with so many things.  Also, this dress is so spot on for Fall in this gorgeous Wine color.  To keep the look feminine I added some high heeled boots which I'm sure you've seen before ;)

Remember ladies, you should never let size tags get your down! My skirt and dress above are double digits! Both 12s and I feel great :) Just wear what makes you happy and never let anyone let you believe you're not good enough because you are!

You've seen me wear a leather trim vest, and now these two looks....what will you come up with? 
Stay stylish my loves

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