October Alphabet Trends: Q is for...

'Q is for Quilted' 

You might be familiar with the quilted texture, made famous by Chanel handbags.  A lot of piece are being made with a lovely quilted texture this season but there are two that have reigned supreme, jackets and boots. 

Boots are the one thing that every woman looks forward to year after year, come Fall.  There are tons of styles that have the quilted texture and they can be used to top off an all black look, a traditional Fall outfit, or something fun an colorful like this.  Everywhere you look the leaves are changing colors so I used this beautiful tree in my front yard as inspiration for today's look.  I paired my new military green button up with my burgundy skinnies and had fun layering a super colorful scarf with a couple long gold necklaces that peep out from underneath.  My boots compliment the look, and the gold hardware on them fit right in with my jewelry.

If you want a fun way to rock a leather jacket, try wearing some of your summer shorts with tights underneath to keep them Fall appropriate.  You can wear pretty much any blouse you want  with a look like this so for my look I choose a light blouse with a fun printed pattern on it.  Another fun way to perfectly blend summer and fall is by hanging a pair of your favorite sunglasses on your collar all day long, even though the weather is changing outside, that doesn't stop the sun from beaming so make sure you can protect your eyes and stay stylish all at the same time.   

Stay Stylish

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