2013's Outfit Rewind

2013 marks the first FULL year that I've been blogging so I figured I couldn't miss the opportunity to pick my favorite couple looks per month! If you missed out on any of these outfits, click the pictures and you will be lead to the full article!

The first day of this year, I explained with you all what why my blog is called "All Size Fits One".  I was also living in my first apartment, with John.

In February Prabal Gurung released one of the most highly anticipated designer colabs to reach the Target shelves in years. Fashion bloggers everywhere went on a feeding frenzy and cleared the shelves out in hours. Luckily, being a small town Ohio blogger, I didn't have to fight too many people to get the pieces I wanted. Also, Valentines Day happened and I was lucky enough to spend my first V-day with someone I truly loved.


In March, I held my first HUGE giveaway, and ended up giving away over $450 worth of prizes to 3 deserving women across the nation! I met one of my top readers and bonded with her, making a great new friend who lives all the way in California.  I re-launched my "Trends" series, and showed you how to style the top spring Trends of 2k13 and brought you some of my FAVORITE looks to date! We also celebrated St.Patricks Day yay!






In April, I celebrated my 100th blog post...a huge milestone to any up and coming fashion blogger.  I took my nephew to the zoo, reminding you all that even fashionistas take days off, I enjoyed getting back to my roots and throwing on a pair of comfy sneakers and spending time with my pint sized bff. John and I broke a shooting record with the blue outfit below and got all the shots in about 4 minutes flat!


 In May, I styled a blouse for Old Navy and we celebrated Memorial Day with a fun and festive American Flag printed scarf :)





Mid-year I celebrated turning 22! All the major milestones were all done, and I kinda had a quarter life crisis!  I went SUPER PUBLIC with my support for marriage equality for the LGBT community, an issue (that frankly, should be a non-issue) that I hold near and dear to my heart! I've been a straight ally for years and years and the day I shot the article, DOMA got ruled unconstitutional, a small victory for same sex couples everywhere.  I also tackled how to get the "Parisian chic" look and got great feedback for that article. 


In July I WENT NAKED on the blog....you missed it didn't you? (Click Here).  I tackled one of my favorite color combos, blue and orange, and dedicated a whole article to it.  I explained the meaning behind my tattoo and sh!t got real.  John and I visited our good friends up in Canton and took the opportunity to take some fun pictures for you all. Those outfits are below!



August brought us BLOG-ust. A fun month of blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! It was a lofty goal but I did it, and accomplished my second major task since I started blogging.  I started off the month flaunting my biggest insecurity and wearing shorts for a whole week. Then I shared some of my real life work outfits, in real time. August was CRAY-ZEE and brought me birthdays for my mom, sister, B.I.L, and (ex) boyfriend turned best friend....it's funny how life works out sometimes.  I packed up my belongings and moved across the nation to Phoenix, AZ. I had the biggest panic attack of my life when I got there, and I had to drop off my own mother at the airport, and real....adult life.....hit me!  I sobbed all the way back to my new apartment.   


In September, I secretly moved back to OH, and kept it private until I was ready to go public with what happened.    As far as the blog was concerned, I share a couple Phoenix outfits with you all, and tackled my THIRD seasonal trends article, this time I was starting the "Fall Trends 2013" series.  I started the articles in AZ and finished shooting in OH .  Septmeber also brought us the MOST RE-PINNED OUTFIT in my blog history, getting re-pinned over 200 times!!! I also announced that I would be blogging every day again....




In October I launched "Outfit October" and started sharing at least 2 looks every single day with you all, the represented a different trend, starting with a different letter.....and I only got through U. (fail)  Anyways, Below I've picked my favorite looks from the month.  






In November, I took a mild break from blogging and only posted a couple articles. I was working 70-80 work weeks between my two jobs, and I needed to take some "me time". I tried to not completely forget you guys so I posted a couple articles including my Vest Checklist.  I took the time to explain what happened to my relationship that had been over for months (unbeknownst to you all).  Here's the one look I loved from the month.





So I made it to December, my life took such an unexpected turn for the.....well, better.  That's the one thing I can honestly say is it was all for the better.  I am one of the lucky women who can say I took a leap of faith, and it didn't end up working out for me, but I ended up figuring it all out in the long run. I was blessed enough to have an ex who was mature enough to come to a mutual decision that we were not the same as we were 2 years ago.  We went our separate ways but we are still great friends, and can talk to each other when we need to.  If it weren't for John, I never would have had that January 1st, 2013 article to share with you all.  John I wish you the best in your endeavors, you will always be one of my best friends, and you know what place you have permanently claimed in my heart. December brought me acceptance, acceptance to everything that happened to me this year and comfort in knowing....I'll be okay.  This month, my first niece was born, I have been giving all my Aunt Viktoria love to my nephew, and now I have a niece to love just as much, to Theodore and Laney, you know what place you hold in my heart too.  To my sisters and their husbands, your babies (and you too) have helped me stay alive, they love me back no matter what and give me the motivation to better myself and be the best auntie ever.  To my mother, I will never be able to thank you enough for driving me to AZ and being there for me when I came crawling back home with my tail between my legs, sorry you had to listen to me cry so much...but you hold the biggest place in my heart.  To my amazing co-workers and bosses, thank you for being patient with me at work. I've only known you for a few short months but you have no idea how many times I was late to work because I've been crying in my car, whether it was heart-break or simply exhaustion, the fact that you always greet me with a smile has made the past few months completely worthwhile and you ladies have helped me through one of the roughest points in my life without you even knowing you were doing so.  To Kat, Thank You....you've become my 3rd sister through all this, you're the woman I turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on, and you are the woman I tell things to when I don't want me family to see me at my low points, you've kept my mind strong, and made me laugh exactly when I needed you to.  To my guy friends from Sears, you all are awesome.  I met you through John but when I came back to Ohio, you all were there with open arms and you've been just as big a support system as anyone else, all the current and future women in your lives are some lucky ladies.  Lastly, to my readers....I've gained a lot of you through 2013 but some of you have been with me since the first article, and still take the time to re-pin and comment :) I Love you all so much. Have a happy and safe New Years! Bring it on 2014....I'll be seeing you soon.


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