BLOG-US DAY 12: OOTWW! (Outfits of the Work Week)

            I always dress up for work because I work in an accessories store, and the best way to show off our pieces in my opinion, is to have a good base to work off of (a cute outfit).  When we get to work each day, we're allowed to wear the jewelry, scarves, and hats so that we can sell it to the customer right off our bodies. Well, I'm finally getting around to doing something I have wanted to do since I started blogging a year ago.  I wasn't able to document my outfits because when John was still working his old job our schedules usually overlapped, which didn't allow me to take pictures of my outfits.   When I got home every day he was usually just leaving for work.  Well, in this temporary transitional period in my life, I am staying at my mom's house and she has agreed to take pics of my work outfits to share with you all! YAY! Below will be "quick pics" of my outfits, and I will be posting full articles to explain each outfit in greater detail,  with links below each pic and links to anything you can buy right click on those links to read more.  You can also see the jewelry I wore that day because sometimes I go to work "jewelry naked" since we are allowed to wear the product, so I have to resort to Instagram sometimes to document it, if I haven't caved and bought it already! (My jewelry collection has tripled since working at my current job haha). 

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