BLOG-UST DAY 17! A Day In The Life: My Personal Phoenix Diary

August 17th, 2013.

My first "official" day in Phoenix. Yes, I've been here for a week, but that week was spent unpacking boxes, crying, sleeping and getting used to the time difference, suffering in the heat, crying some more because I still missed Ohio, and cleaning my new place.  John and I only got to spend about 5 hours together the day I got here because we live in Phoenix, and his training is in Tucson.  After he left, it was really difficult because my brain was telling me that I was all alone.  The apartment was still empty, just me and Peppy.  Well, last night I went and picked him up from training so he was home for the weekend.  Home, that still sound weird, I guess it will take some getting used to.  Well, today we got to wake up and spend a whole 24 hours together for the first time since I moved here. It put my mind at ease, it was well worth the 2 month wait.  I still don't really know how to dress for the heat so I just wore a light weight leopard skirt and a fun tank top.  I paired it with my leather Steve Madden sandals, which turned out to be a huge mistake because my feet ended up burning up.
 My hair has literally taken on a mind of it's own, and it's out of control.  I've pretty much just given up all together and just let it do it's own thing. 

John and I explored the city together, checked out the mansions far in the desert and found this amazing taco bar.  It was just this little hut in the middle of a parking lot with a coffee shop on one side and a Home Depot on the other.  We figured we'd try it, expecting something slightly better than Taco Bell but not as good as Chipotle, and instead got our socks blown off when we opened the little Styrofoam container to eat THESE.....

After we got home, we enjoyed a half hour at the pool.  We had it all to ourselves until these little girls showed up, so we left.  I finally got to cook our first meal at our new apartment, nothing fancy really, just chicken and veggies with a side salad.  After that, John and I sat down and just sipped on some wine and watched a movie.  My first full day is coming to an end and all I can say is, I am finally at peace.  I know I can visit Ohio whenever, it's not like I live on a different planet, but this was a very difficult move for me.  I'm very much a family oriented person, and I'm the youngest out of everybody so this was scary to say the least.  I wasn't being left behind, but I willingly left them.  I will probably still cry from time to time, that's only natural....I'm a woman after all and I miss them all.  But for now, Thank You Phoenix, you've been very patient with me and waited for me to come around so I guess I'm warming up to you now.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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