BLOG-UST DAY 27: Effortless Summer Outfit Equation with Joe Fresh for JCPenney!

When I first moved to Phoenix, I was in shock by the amount of summer clothes I DIDN'T have.  My new closet has two racks so I separated my wardrobe into "spring/summer" and "fall/winter".  I hung S/S clothes on the top rack and the F/W clothes on the bottom rack.  Not only was my bottom rack overflowing and my top rack barely there, but I realized that a lot of the summer appropriate pieces I have, I only ever bought with the intention of layering them.  I never wanted to wear them by themselves. So even out of the little bit of tanks and short sleeves that I already owned, I didn't feel comfortable wearing them out in public without a blazer or cardigan like I did in the past, but obviously the heat won't allow that. 

I had to figure out a way to still look chic in the heat, dress appropriately for the weather, but still look like I had a cute, and well thought out outfit on.  This is the perfect summer outfit equation that I came up with.  It ensures that you will look cute and polished, with just a few summer pieces.  The outfit that you get if you follow this rule is perfect for those days  off work where you just have somewhere fun to go, weekends getaways, or brunch with friends.  Obviously there are way more outfits you can wear that aren't just shorts and a tank, but if you're new to heat and have gotten used to dressing yourself for 4 distinctly different seasons (in the past) like I have, then this a good starting point. 

Summer Shorts + 
Adorable Tank in complementing color to shorts + 
Necklace that matches your TOP + 
Cute summer sandals.
Perfect Casual Summer Look

 Now, the fun part! Here are two looks I came up with that perfectly follow the above equation just to show you what I'm talking about.

'Orange and Blue Revisited'
For this first look, we are revisiting an old combo that I devoted a whole blog post too in the past. These ADORABLE Joe Fresh shorts I just can't get enough of. They go well with pretty much everything (granted you know what colors to pair with orange) and look super expensive, like something you would get from J. Crew, but how much did I pay for them? Just $16! Today though, I pulled out my old scarf print blouse that I previously styled for Old Navy. Since the tunic tank already has orange detailing, all the hard work is already done for me and the two pieces go hand in hand.  Since we have so much vibrancy up top, I'm using my classic trick of wearing nude heels for my shoes, they go well with everything and when wearing shorts they really elongate your legs to the max.  As my equation states, I matched my necklace color to my top and picked this blue ceramic beaded necklace that I got at a second hand store in Ohio called Clothes Mentor.  I previously wore it here.

'Mint's New Boo'
I know I have talked and talked about Mint and Peach or Coral and Turquoise so much that you are probably getting sick and tired of hearing it, so today Mint is ditching Peach and has a new color in it's life, yellow! For some reason I really like this color combo, maybe it's because mint has a sort of green tint to it, and green and yellow look good together, or maybe it's just this specific blouse. Either way, I like the combo.  My tank here is from Jennifer Lopez's line for Kohls and I got it sometime last year but I don't think I'll ever get rid of it as long as it still fits. In keeping with my outfit equation, my necklace matches my shirt.  This fun yellow necklace was yet another amazing Ebay find, that I previously wore with my striped dress, as a work outfit.  For shoes, I went with another form of "neutral".....leopard print.  These sandals I got from as a tax refund present to myself last year.  I've said it a dozen times already, anywhere you can wear nude you can wear leopard, it's the khaki of the jungle.

I hope you all enjoyed this idea of putting a perfect summer outfit together! 
Love you all, thanks for stopping by today......
Stay Stylish

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