BLOG-UST DAY 16! Moving Cross Country? Jewelry Packing Tips and Tricks

Normal Jewelry: 
The most difficult thing that I could not figure out how to pack when I moved was my jewelry.  Before I moved, my jewelry had all been stored away in these little trays that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They are "made" for desk drawers, but when is the last time I used something for what it was made for? I am the queen of re-inventing things.  I wear rings on my scarves, and use shower hooks for purses.

My biggest fear when moving my jewelry was going to be that some of it would get damaged.  Long, skinny necklaces would get tangled easily and small earrings would get lost.   I eventually found a solution to all this and it was in the form of hanging jewelry racks.  Although I would never use one of these to actually store my jewelry, they are great for moving if you have a long, tedious move ahead of you.  They keep everything organized, and nothing gets damaged in the process. It is a little smidgen of an investment considering you may never use them again, but I think its totally worth it and definitely the best way to do things.  

Step One: Purchase hanging jewelry racks.

Step Two:  Go through your jewelry collection and remove anything "chunky" that won't fit into the little jewelry pockets.  For me it was my watches and some bracelets.

Step Three: Place anything or value into separate ziplock bags or little canvas bags if you have any.
 (like the ones J.Crew gives out when you buy jewelry)

Step Four:  Pack everything that's left into your hanging racks. And place "chunky items" into large zip lock bags.

Step Five: Place hanging jewelry rack into a garment bag, and zip closed. Now you're all ready for travel.

Statement Necklaces:
For any sort of statement necklace all I did was purchase these little acrylic bins that are currently on sale at Target. It helps them to not get tangled while traveling as well as when you move into your new place. Since the little bins don't have lids, I slipped them into the bag that the jewelry hanging rack came in! 

Traveling Your Clothes: Quick VikTip!
My clothes are literally my career, so it goes without saying that I wanted to make sure everything made it from Columbus to Phoenix safely and was all present and accounted for. A good thing to do is make a list: closet inventory by category. Once you've packed the stuff up in boxes, highlight it.  Then, after you load it up into your car or U-Haul, put a check mark by it.  Once you get to your new home and unpack it fully, cross it off the list. 

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