Dear You

Well, Ladies and Gentleman.....WE DID IT! I decided to post this before tomorrow so it doesn't get lost in September.

Blogust has been by far one of the most challenging accomplishments I have achieved since starting All Size Fits One. It surrounded my one year blog birthday, and came at the most challenging part in my life to date.  I can't believe I was actually able to keep up, with just a few minor internet hiccups, and get a whopping 31 articles in 31 days.  I have had close friends, family, and people who I have never met rooting me on the whole way and I can not thank you enough.  At the beginning of August I was taking pictures with a close friend in her backyard in the country of Ohio.  Now, at this very moment, I am sitting outside with a cup of iced coffee in Phoenix, Arizona with my little Mr. Peppy right by my side.  This has been one of the most emotional roller coasters I have ever had in just a few weeks.  Before I left, I found out the store that I was working at was closing down, my boss and mentor was inconsolable and I had to just leave her tore me apart.  I had to leave behind family, my nephew who I love more than anything, my amazing older sisters, my hilarious brother in-law, and one of the closest friends I have had in a long time who saved my ass when John moved out here before me, and stepped up to the plate as a temporary photographer.  She learned how to take pictures with my camera and shot all of A.W.I.S in just 4 hours.  Thank You Callie.

To Shannon, you've been there for me my whole life, and have been so much more than a big sister.  I strive to be you, and accomplish as much as you have.  You inspire me and I look up to you so much more than you will never know.  You are one of the best sisters in the universe, and have become one of the best mom's made a super cute little baby who has grown up so fast already.  Thanks for bringing my pint sized little best friend into the world, I really needed a Valentine 2 years ago, and he was there for me on the 14th, poopy diaper and all.

To Theodore, I miss you so much.  I have your little hand prints framed in my office, and I kept the card you drew me.  You can't read this, but this blog will be here forever so one day you will be able to.  I miss your high-fives and "alrights" and I miss my snacking buddy! Tortilla chips don't stand a chance when we're hungry, right buddy? Every time I see Pocoyo, Tomas the Train, Tinkerbell, or even a twig laying on the pop in my head.  You make Monet look like an amateur with your amazing artwork kiddo.

To Jessica, you're starting a family.  You've been through hell and back and you finally have what you want.  We're all happy for you because you're finally at peace, and I can't wait for a healthy, happy, baby niece come January.  Take care of her Bryan, she may not have brothers, but sisters can be just as protective. We're crazy Puerto Ricans, you mess with one of us, you mess with us all! :)

To my mom, who has been my biggest support system my whole life and drove me all the way here from Ohio.  You've been there through overcoming my fear of swimming, freezing cold track meets, choir assemblies, school musicals, first day of college, and really really bad break ups. When I dropped you off at the airport I cried more than I have ever cried in my life.  I was scared.  Here I am, 22, a full grown woman with adult responsibilities and I missed my mom so much, in just seconds, it reduced me to tears.

To Aunt Carmen, I literally couldn't have gotten here without you.  You know what you did, and I appreciate it more than words can ever say.  I hope little Zara and Zachary aren't giving you too much trouble still.  I have their pictures hanging in my office now.

To my readers, thank you.  I don't know 90% of you, but posting an article, and seeing the views exponentially rise withing minutes kept me going.  This may seem like just a fun new background to you for all of my pictures, but to was a huge life obstacle.  It was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life, and I struggled the whole way here with self doubt.  I wanted to come back to Ohio every morning I woke up for the first week I was here, but you all gave me something to stay for.  This un-spoken support system that I now have means the world to me, and fuels the fire to keep going and stay strong.

Not to give full names, but there are a few of you who have helped and made the first full year worth it.  You will probably know who you are, but just so you know what little or lot you have said, done, or contributed, really kept me going.  Whether it was one 'Like' on Facebook, or hours on Sykpe.....I noticed. So to my girls Siobhan, Diane, Carol, Farrah, Molly, Nicole, Audrey, Hannah, Dovie, Savy, Katey, and Meredith.  Thank You.
and to 

Kiley, Maria, Molly, Jennifer, Lisa and Chelsea..... try and take some time to pamper yourselves.  You all have a full plate with those munchkins, and you ladies have the most difficult job in the world.  My hat's off to you.  Stay strong.

To John....It's just you and me now, honey.  Let's do this. 


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