BLOG-UST DAY 24! September is going to be.......

Hey guys, so I've decided I'm not going to be posting an apartment tour or closet tour until I am COMPLETELY 100% moved in and settled.  BUT until then, I'll just share a few bits and pieces of my apartment, and some cool inexpensive interior design pieces that I think are a good idea for people on a budget. 

My Blog Garment Rack:

For about 4 years, I have had a garment rack for my clothes.  Originally they were for my extra clothes that wouldn't fit in my closet, because I didn't have a walk-in.  Then went I started blogging I used them for my outfits so I could lay them out and tweak them until they are ready to be shot.  To date I've probably had 4 or 5 different racks, all different styles. When I left Ohio, I left my old garment rack behind, it was a bargain find that my mom got me at an estate sale for $3.  I loved that rack because it had a shelf and it was great for placing my shoes on, pairing them with their respective outfits.   Now, I'm saving up for a super fancy rack, but for the time being I got this little plastic one from Wal-Mart the day after I moved here.  For the price ($9.98), it's actually very sturdy as long as you make sure you click all of the pieces into place really well....I learned that the hard way when it collapsed on me! So if you're looking for a starter rack, go to Wal-mart, unfortunately they don't sell it online :(

I never ended up writing about it, just Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing...but I started the process of changing my old white plastic hangers to "SUPER FANCY" (but really, they're way nicer) black velvet ones back when I was still in Ohio. For the record, if it's in your budget and you care about your closet as much as I do, I would absolutely suggest making the investment. Aside from the fact that your clothes WILL NOT fall off of these things for any reason, they save SO MUCH SPACE! 
For the longest time I wanted wood hangers, but that literally would have ended up costing a couple hundred dollars, like half a thousand. Not worth it. Well, I still enjoyed the look of wood hangers so I recently decided to go on the hunt for a 10-12 pack for the best price and the place will surprise you.....Home Depot! They are just $4.99 for an 8 pack, making 16 hangers just $10! I know that seems like a lot considering you can get 16 plastic hangers for less than $2 some plazces, but for wooden hangers that is a great price, believe me.  In terms of velvet hangers,  your best bet is to buy them in super bulk, on a place like Ebay where you can order more than $100 for about $60.  The majority of mine were presents for my birthday, but when all of the black velvet hangers were accounted for I still needed about 25-30 more.  I found that Big Lots has them for a very reasonable price of just $7.50 for a 15 pack!
September is gonna be OUTFIT PACKED!

Interior Design:

Other than the necessary items like a bathroom rack, a comforter and dishes, there are a couple things I have found so far that I got for a great deal and are adding little bits of cuteness throughout my apartment!

My book ends I found at Ross, a T.J. Maxx of sorts for the west. I didn't have them before but when I moved out here I already knew of them through bloggers I read and watch.  My little elephant and giraffe fit right in considering I have a lot of tribal/safari bits throughout my apartment.  They were each originally $7.99 and close-out for an additional half off each!

My runner I got at the Dollar Store in Ohio a couple months ago, but was pleasantly surprised to see it still selling at the stores out here in Phoenix, it's 7" and just $10. It used to be in front of my shoe rack but in my new apartment, it's in my kitchen!

My painting print is available at the moment at Hobby Lobby, all of their fine art prints are 50% for who knows how long so hurry over and buy yours now! It will be framed later :) This huge 24x36 was originally $15.99, but I got for just $8!  If you log onto their website, they also have a 40% off coupon for one item of your choice if you need to pick up anything else.

My little bamboo tray was a hand-me down interior accesory from John's mom, but it's a cute place to set a candle on if you have a bathroom shelf, and with fall around the corner it's fun to go on the hunt for little trays to set your autumn candles on!

My little leopard plate I got at a second hand store, for just $2. It's a great place to store keys or your J.O.T.D.

My little Asian women plate was also a thrifted find! It was $1.80 at an Ohio Thrift Shop before I moved.

I hope this mini-post inspired you to check out places like Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Thrift Shops and even Hobby Lobby to take your home from drab to fab while saving you money! 
 Stay Stylish

...Also, Peppy and John say hi! It's pre-season Saturday here and we're just enjoying the game from his mom's house. 

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