BLOG-UST DAY FOUR! A.W.I.S (A Week In Shorts) Denim Cut Offs

In honor of yesterday's article about flaunting your insecurities, I have started a whole week of wearing something special, and tackling my fear......OF SHORTS! I've never liked to show a lot of leg, but that uncomfortable feeling has gotten worse ever since my weight started shifting to my thighs.  So as a fashion blogger, I really needed to get comfortable with all different types of clothes.  I played around with different looks and came up with SEVEN different ones that not only suit different aspects of my personality, but totally fall into my bargainista way of shopping, all featuring shorts.  For this mini series of articles, I will be showing you proof that I have not only emptied my Tag Jar, but that you can create a look around clearance and sale items.  Nothing that I am wearing in these outfits cost more than $30 a piece.

For Sunday's Look I am focusing my outfit around a staple summer short, the denim cut off.  Although "distressed" denim is all the rage this year, these are literally just old pants that got a whole in the leg, so I made into shorts.  I got inspired for this outfit from an advertisement on the Women's Fashion section of Ebay.  Here is the look I am using as inspiration:

Since I already explained the shorts, let me explain the rest of MY look to you.  Since I didn't have an embroidered tunic like the one shown above, I opted for an embroidered tank, that is sold at Target RIGHT NOW! It's on clearance, so it's worth the trip if you have a Target near you, but if you don't feel like driving you can buy it here.
 To put my own flair on this look, I stacked a couple bright bracelets, and a super fun necklace that I just got for $10 on Ebay!
I absolutely adored the idea of a little backpack instead of a purse, but since I don't have a mini backpack, I went with a full sized leopard print one that you can easily use for back to school in a couple weeks. 
I seriously owned pretty much identical boots as the one in the Ebay ad, so I obviously wore those! 
And here is the proof that saving money and staying chic go hand in hand and blend right in!

As always, stay stylish!

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