BLOG-UST DAY FIVE! A.W.I.S High Waisted & Cheetah Print

            For my second day of  "A Week In Shorts" I centered my look around a pair of hidden high waist-ed shorts! I say hidden because I wore my shirt over top, but these shorts are super high, and super cute! I got THESE bad boys on clearance at T.J.Maxx and paired it with a shirt from the limited edition Mickey Mouse collection shirts from Old Navy! 

In honor of Mickey's 85th anniversary Old Navy launched a line with Mickey Mouse, as he was originally sketched back in 1928.  

              The shirt I choose to style is a gray v-neck that has Mickey and Minnie on it, in their original form, which I thought was just incredible adorable.  Since I am wearing a shirt with a cartoon on it, I decided to go for an "adult casual" outfit.  The grey leopard print shorts go well with the shirt since they are in the same color scheme, and I added pops of red throughout the whole look to honor Mickey.  My converse add a fun youthful flair, which is very appropriate for this outfit.  I added a red blazer to balance out that youthfulness though, and keep it age appropriate (converse or not) and tied a bandanna around my head in place of a headband. 

            My whole outfit, excluding my shoes, cost me less than $45 head to toe.

I know you want to support Mickey Mouse, so hurry on over to Old Navy or buy your very own Mickey shirt online here!  I hope you all enjoyed this outfit, and are inspired to rock an outfit featuring some of YOUR childhood favorites.  

Thanks for stopping by! Love you all

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