BLOG-UST DAY 21. Dear Viktoria Answer: My Short List

I just received another DV in my inbox, this is what it asked.....

"Dear Viktoria, Can you please answer what all of the items in your small list were that you mentioned in the gingham shorts article and where you got them? I have a feeling those clothes are crucial to every girls closet and thought I'd ask if nobody else did. Thanks! -Catherine"

            Well, Catherine, I'm really glad you asked and I hope you're referring to my "short list", because that's what I'm about to elaborate on :) I call it the short list for a reason, and that is because there really aren't that many things on there. There aren't that many things because I was after perfection, and I anticipated perfection coming at a cost, and I was right. For those of you who don't even know what she is talking about, let me quote myself here from the previous article which she is referring to where I said, "Even though I find deals pretty much everywhere I go, I can't help but have a few things that I have been on the hunt for, for years. This short list included the 'perfect ________' of multiple items that I wanted to add to my wardrobe, but would settle for nothing less than head over heels love. I felt like whenever I found these pieces I would pay for them, no matter the price, as long as I could afford to at the moment. On this list I had things like the perfect pair of black patent pumps, a perfect black biker jacket, the perfect combat boot, a perfect fall boot, etc." 
            I mentioned a few of them already and now I guess I'll tell you the rest of them. I appreciate the compliment too, but to be honest, not all of these are crucial to every girl's closet because some of them are really "my style" which is a bit edgier than some girls feel comfortable in. However, if you feel comfortable in these things, then absolutely copy me and start searching for these pieces too, and add your own as well. My list had these items on it:

Short List:
1.) Black Leather Jacket ✅ Got at Wilson's Leather, gifted
2.) Black Combat Boots✅ Got at Steve Madden Las Vegas
3.) Perfect Fall Boots✅ Got at
4.) White Denim Jacket✅ Got from JCPenney
5.) Cargo Jacket✅ Got from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Phoenix
6.) Black Blaxer✅ Thrifted
7.) White Silk Blouse✅ Got from JCPenney
8.) Regular Denim Jacket✅ Thrifted
9.) Patent Black Pumps✅ Ivanka Trump, Von Maur clearance room
10.) Fuschia Blazer✅ J.Crew, Cyber Monday Sale.....but still pricey :/

I hope that helped answer your question, I've already worn everything on my blog on one article or another I think, and they were all worth waiting for. I know it may come across hypocritical to some people that I, a bargain hunter, would spend some extra money on certain things but that's life.  Some things don't go on sale, some things go UP in price if they are in high demand and low in stock, and some things you're allowed to spend on. At the end of the day, it's your money to do with what you want. Nobody can tell you how to spend it, even if we each have our own opinions. NEVER feel bad about pampering yourself every once and a while, and checking off items in your very own short list!

Thanks so much for the e-mail love. I appreciate seeing readers who take the time to write in, you made my day :) 

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