The Midi.  A dress that falls down to your shins, hallway between your knees and your feet.  Some people don’t know what the length is called exactly, but they associate it with grandmas.  It’s a tricky one, I have to admit, but once you get it down it looks so incredibly chic it’s ridiculous.  This dress is a flowy midi with a synched waist that I got from the Clearance rack at Target......story of my life.  I have to admit I passed by it about 10 times for weeks and weeks at Target but then one day decided to give it a chance and try it on, and I instantly fell in love.  I actually grabbed a pair of royal blue earrings on the way out to wear specifically with this dress because of the trim, but later picked up this bubble set from work that ended up matching it perfectly too.  I don’t have a lot of royal blue in my closet but it’s pieces like this that seriously make me reconsider.  The length is fantastic, the color is great, and the pattern is to die for.  You know when you have the one specific piece that you love so much you start to love everything that looks like it.  You buy that one amazing houndstooth jacket and suddenly you’re obsessed with houndstooth everything.  Since I bought this dress I’ve been on a blue kick and since I barely had any to begin with, it was actually a good little color to be adding to my wardrobe for a couple weeks.  Now, I have a few nice blue pieces and can move on to another color. 

I kept this outfit trichromatic and didn’t mess with accent colors, complementary colors or anything else.  My Nine West blue suede pointed toe pumps are from the Macy’s Clearance rack, that I scored for $28, which is a really great price for that brand.

My necklace, as previously stated, is from my old job at Aria, and came with matching earrings.

I hope you all enjoyed this little insight into rocking a midi length dress, don't worry'll see it again.  Have a great day everyone! 
Love you all

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