BLOG-UST DAY SIX! A.W.I.S Joe Fresh for JCPenney, Kelly Green

             I absolutely never had any intention on buying bright green shorts, but when I saw this adorable parrot graphic t-shirt, I couldn't help it.  I had to buy it, but had no clue what to wear with it because I don't own ANYTHING pink.  Luckily, when I looked up at the advertisement placed immediately above it, the model in the photo was wearing a pair of tropical print green shorts with the same t-shirt I had in my hand.  At that point I thought "Hell, why not?" and I knew exactly where to go to find green shorts of my own.  
            I made my way to JCPenney at my local mall, and immediately found a pair, just like I knew I would.  Joe Fresh's collection for JCPenney always carries very cute colors and super affordable prices every day.
VikTip* When shopping for a specific piece to pair with something, take the other piece with you and try them on together.  Example:  I was looking for green shorts to wear specifically with my new shirt, so I took the shirt with me and tried them on in the fitting room just to double make sure that they look right together.  This potentially saves you time and money if you get home with a new piece , assuming you DON'T use this method, and it's not doing what you want it to do.

Once I had my green shorts in hand, I ran home to style my look.  Since my outfit was already so vibrant, I continued the theme with some multi colored enamel earrings I bought off Ebay a couple weeks ago.  Saving money as always, they were less than $5!  If you like them, you can buy them here!

I like to add pops of leopard to pretty much any outfit possible, because I'm obsessed with leopard print.  Since leopard is the "khaki of the jungle" (a great neutral substitute) you can pair it with pretty much any vibrant outfit to tone it down if you want, or simply to add some extra flair. 

For shoes my feet were "naked" since there is so much going on up top, and I reached for some nude strappy heeled sandals.  Although everyone has their version of this exact shoe right now, the most recognizable being Steve Madden, I cheated on my boy Steve for the first time and saved some money by getting mine at Payless.

In true bargainsita fashion I got my shorts on sale from Joe Fresh, my leopard blazer was less than $20 from T.J.Maxx and my screen tee was only $6!

This outfit is he epitome of a true bargainista.  Proof that spending less and saving money blends right into looking great! As always, Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all enjoyed this outfit!

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