BLOG-UST DAY NINE! A.W.I.S Thrift Shop Coral Shorts

These shorts I found at the thrift shop and instantly fell in love with the color.  Coral and Turquoise, or Mint and Peach are my favorite color combos pretty much ever, so when I found shorts in this gorgeous color, I fell in love, and instantly bought them.  Plus, you can't pass up a $2 pair of shorts, am I right?  Since the length was a little bit too long for my taste, I double rolled them to the perfect length for me.
Anyways, in keeping with my bargainista ways, I paired the shorts with a clearance blouse, and finished it all off with some shoes that I bought with a gift card.  These nude, strappy wedges are an absolute must have for spring and summer, and are completely timeless.  They are a great alternative to high heels if you want to go for a more comfortable option, and add some height while keeping your look casual.  

For jewelry I went with all coral and turquoise, keeping with my color scheme, and wore a snake bracelet that I found on Ebay for less than $10! My necklace was an everyday low priced find from the jewelry section of Forever21.  My earrings are home-made.  I am experimenting with earrings that I might start selling :)

And here is my tag for the blouse! Proof that saving money blends right into looking fabulous. 

Thanks for reading.

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