BLOG-UST DAY 13! Saying Goodbye, a Crosscountry Photo Journey!

For anyone who didn't already know I just moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  It was literally the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life, to date.  I was choosing between pursing love, to stay with my amazing boyfriend, or staying in my comfort zone in Ohio.  
I have lived in Ohio for 18 years.  I went to school in Oakwood K-12 and then moved to Columbus for college.  My whole family is here, my two sisters, my mom, my brother in law and my favorite little pint sized best friend in the whole entire universe, my nephew Theodore.  I would literally take a bullet for that little boy so leaving him broke my heart.  Just the thought of it sent me into a hot mess of uncontrollable tears. 

After going through what I went through with my last relationship I vowed to never let a man dictate my life ever again.  Not in a strong-black-woman-who-don't-need-no-man kind of a way, but a confident, independent young woman kind of way.  I wanted to find myself, and work on me before I lead my life for the sake of somebody else.  

Well I can easily say had this been ANY OTHER GUY who was still boyfriend status, I would have easily choosen Ohio with ease.  But it just had to be John, who isn't JUST a boyfriend to me. 

Everyone who I have told has said "you're so young to be making such a big decision" and believe me, I know.  Let me just say this though, I am not 22 at heart.  I have a way more adult point of view than I let on, and I learned from my mistakes in my past and approached this decision with my brain too, not just my heart.  

My brain made the decision to take the leap of faith and move to Phoenix to be with John. 

THIS, was my journey across the U.S to get to him.  I literally packed up my life, and with my mom by my side and my dog in my lap.  I left Ohio, once and for all.

Check back tomorrow for PART TWO!

Love you all, wish me luck during this new chapter of my life. 

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