BLOG-UST DAY THREE! Flaunting Your Insecurities

We all have them, we're women.  It is programmed into our DNA that we will be our own worst critics and over analyze everything about ourselves and our bodies.  I have them, as confident as I am, I have insecurities. But lately I've been doing a lot of thinking and I realize while I'm complaining about things that I hate about myself I need to remember that people have it a lot worse than I do all around the world.  I can sit there and complain about my thighs, or my hair, or my scars, but that's nothing compared to being diagnosed with cancer, becoming a P.O.W, losing a limb..... or getting evicted from your house.  Those are all a lot worse problems to deal with than minute things like cellulite.  So this summer challenge yourselves to flaunt those very things you are insecure about, and tackle them one thing at a time.  
This is what I don't like about myself:

1.)  My legs were super fit and muscular during my track years in high school and now they have gotten bigger. 

2.)  My shins have scarring on them that has taken years and years to heal.  

3.)  My hair will never be what I want it to be.

4.)  My nervous habit it to consistently mess with my nails, and my cuticles, so they are pretty torn up daily.

So for the rest of the month, and for the rest of the year I plan on tackling these things one thing at a time, working on making them better, and becoming even more confident with who I am, and how I was made.  As women, we should flaunt the very things we aren't comfortable with so that we can overcome them.  I guarantee half the things you are insecure about, most people don't even notice.

I hope you all take the challenge too, pin-point those things you may not like that much about yourself, and work on them.  There is no need for negativity in your own head!  You are gorgeous the way you are, and you're probably the only once who notices them anyways.  You. Are. Gorgeous

Stay beautiful, Stay Stylish

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