BLOG-UST DAY 25! Style Session: Borrowed From The Boys

WARNING: Some Adult Language is used. Please stop reading if you’re younger than 18ish.

I love men’s wear. I get a thrill from pairing masculine pieces with things like heels or a bright colored pant to feminize it up. You always see the “boyfriend” jean or “boyfriend” blazer sold in places like Gap and Express but I’ve always taken it one step further and just shopped straight from the guys section.  For the following three outfits I’ve done a mix of those things to show you how to rock men’s inspired pieces, guys section clothing, and draw inspiration from your boyfriend’s closet. 

‘My Boyfriend’s Jacket’
    Let’s face it, any straight girl in high school always had that dream of dating the quarterback and wearing their Letterman jacket so you can parade around school and look like a jock, with your outfit pretty much screaming, “Back off bitch, he’s mine!”  And as fun as that may have seemed, to feed your raging hormones, it looks plain awful .....believe me.  You’ll look back when you’re 40 and hopefully get a good laugh out of it. 

    Nowadays Letterman jackets are awesome to see, especially for anybody who was a teen in the 70’s and 80‘s, even very early 90’s.  I loved the look of a good Letterman jacket in high school, but unfortunately my school didn’t have them for the girls.  We got the Varsity letter’s themselves but had nowhere to put them, so the tomboy in me was always envious of guys, those jerks got all the best sports stuff.

    Well when I saw that Charlotte Russe was releasing this super cute and classic looking red and white Letterman jacket, I couldn’t pass it up.  I walked by it every day at the mall for about a week, but when it got to the point that I would stay up at night just thinking about it, I knew it was about time to buy the damn thing, and I am so glad that I caved when I did.  By the time I went in to pick it up they only had one of my sizes left and it was actually on the mannequin.  Even though the letter B doesn’t have any significant meaning to me other than my boyfriend’s last initial (maybe I’m a future Mrs.B , who knows) the red and white color combo is so classic that this purchase will prove to be a very versatile piece in my wardrobe, and I know it already.

VikTip* If the size you need is on display at a store, in the store front window or on a mannequin always ask a sales associate to get it down for you. In most stores they are obligated to remove that item for you so you can purchase it, so don’t feel bad. 9 times out of 10 they won’t turn down a sale and will be more than willing to help you out. 

'Gender Neutral'
            Another thing I love when it comes to more tom-boy looks, is getting pieces that they made for both women and men.  One of those things, in my opinion, is a denim vest.  This one I got from Target and was part of the F.E.E.D collection that I talked about last month.  If you go to more stylish men's stores like Forever21's guy section, Express, or even Macy's you will find these really cool stylized men's jackets where they have anything from Cargo and Leather, to Windbreakers and Denim.  

             Although this vest was made specifically for women, the faux sweater hood that is attached really makes it more masculine.  Since this one is even more butch than the Letterman jacket,  I flat out wore a skirt with it.  This fun top I found at a store called D.E.B that was kind of like a Forever21 but with a lot more street fashion-y pieces.  I love the comic book type graphics because they remind me of Phillip Lim.  

"No, John. I did not steal your shirt?"
This top is a men's shirt. From the men's department at Target.  Outfits like these are the ones where you literally get to "shop your boyfriend's closet", take his things, and wear them in a girly way so that nobody knows.  I can not get enough of Camo. I've always loved the pattern and growing up Army, I'm very partial to the print.  

On top of flat out wearing a men's shirt for this outfit. I also paired the outfit with a baseball cap.  This faux leather one is also from, you guessed it, Target.  I had been looking for a baseball cap that wasn't actually a team for the longest time, because I love the combo of baseball caps and heels. It's just another fun thing us women have the joy of styling on those days we feel more daring.  To bring a more relaxed vibe to this look, I very sloppily rolled up the sleeves of my top, and cuffed the bottom of my Levi Shorts.  
My hair I just let go crazy.  Fashion to me, doesn't stop with the clothes.  You have to style your whole look, pick a hair style, do your make-up (if you choose) and grab the perfect pair of shoes.  If someone says, "I love your outfit!" that's great, but that really means they just like your clothes.  The day someone says "hey, you look great today!" is the day you know you've got it. Your whole look head to toe, it complete. 

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