BLOG-UST DAY 20! A Day In the Life

August 20, 2013.

Ok, Phoenix.....I get it. You're super hot and super awesome.  I can finally make my way to a total of 3 places now without my GPS and not get lost. I know it's not much but I consider that an accomplishment.  At the moment I have been not working for 11 days and I am starting to rip my hair out because I am going stir crazy.  I can't wait to start working and start to get paid again because my savings are depleting rapidly.  Today was like any other day so far in my new home.   I woke up, cleaned a little bit and then ate breakfast, the usual.  A couple eggs, some tea and whatever fruit I have in my fridge, this week it's peaches.

Peppy is loving our new place, he has learned which way to go to get to the grass, and which apartment is ours. He learns so fast I swear, that little brain of his must be doggy Einstein. 

 After I cleaned, I just enjoyed my lunch.  And I've been drooling over having a view from my new office. I know it's just our apartment complex but it's nice to look out and see green rather than a cement parking lot. Even thought that parking lot is where I always used to take pictures :(  Funny because I live in a dessert now, but Ohio is where I had to stare at cement. 

Today, I felt like I was answering e-mails all day.  I've been interviewing new photographers for the past 3 days but today was just back to back.  Good news is, after all that was said and done, I got to meet up with this fantastic make-up artist who is going to be working on some exciting colabs with me.  It's weird to think about me talking about make-up but with a more professional job now unfortunately, I have to wear it it's about time to learn how to do it properly.   This is what I wore for our meeting.

   I remember being really hesitant to pick up this dress because it was in the juniors section, but I think it looks adult enough with a little styling.  I'm only 22 so I guess it's not that big of a stretch.  I love re-discovering old favorites though, like my old work blazer and some old Mossimo for Target pumps. 

By the time my meeting was up, I was starving! So I made some delicious french bread pizza slices.  Chicken and Bacon, banana peppers, mushrooms, and green onion.... I love mixing ranch and hot sauce together to dip them in.

All in all, it wasn't too thrilling of a day, but I'm taking baby steps and falling more and more in love with this city every day.  The scenery is so different I wonder if the novelty will ever wear off?

It's bed time now though, I'm pretty drained.  Even without a job to attend to yet the past 11 days have been jam packed, and there is always something to do.  Well, Phoenix, guess I'll see ya tomorrow.  A little rain would be nice if you don't mind.

-Love, Viktoria

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