BLOG-UST DAY 14! Saying Hello! A Crosscountry Roadtrip Ends :)

When I reached the Phoenix border, it really hit me.  This was my new home, the dash board read 105˚ and there was nothing but desert and rocks all around me.  To be honest, I was aware of what was going on but it still didn't feel real.  For me, Phoenix was just vacation that I was on. 

As soon as you officially cross into Pheonix, this is what you see.  They probably have this set up for tourists, but since I was moving away from Ohio, we stopped to pick up a few things so I will forever remember the moment I arrived.  

I know I look like a mess, but that is what sitting in a car for 3 days does to you.


Getting closer to my new home.

Stay tuned for apartment pictures and my new closet and office space! :)  Thanks for stopping by today.

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