A Quick Guide to Pairing Cargo and Leopard
"Pinspired" is back, with another Pinterest inspired look for you guys.  This time, I am loosely basing my outfits on the following picture I found while looking at the Women's Fashion section.
 These looks aren't copying the outfit itself, but more so the combo of Cargo Green and Leopard Print.  I love leopard print, believe me I have far too much of it, but when I saw this combo I immediately realized how many more outfits I could create by pairing it with Cargo Green from now on.  Here are two looks I came up with that pair the two beautifully. 

'Cargo Over Leopard'
For this look we are keeping it SO SO SO simple it's not even funny.  All you have to do to recreate this look is take a few basics that you probably already own, and pair them as follows. A leopard print dress, with a cargo jacket over top, and metallic shoes.  Now, add your favorite belt with silver hardware, and silver shoes and BAM! Done!  

'Leopard, Lace, and Cargo'
For this look, we are playing with multiple layers in the summer.  I took a leopard print blouse, and wore it over a full lace dress, then sinched it at the waist with a small faux patent leather belt.  For our cargo in this look I added a vest that I left open.  Since each layer is thin and sleeveless, it actually works well for summer.   I kept with silver for jewelry in this look too, and finished off the look with cap toe flats. 

 Thanks for reading! Make sure to visit my Pinterest page to see all my outfits, and re-pin my looks! xoxo

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