OOTWW: Tuesday's Look

            Sometimes, a casual piece mixed with a dressy piece really works in perfect unison.  In my opinion I found that perfect pairing in this top.  Yes, it's a button up blouse but it is made of a chambray material with little bumble bees all over it, so the material and the cartoon-y print kind of "casuals it down".
            I love the combo of chambray or denim with white jeans.  It's the perfect way to ease your way into wearing denim on denim without it looking like you're going for the "Candian Tuxedo" look, and it always looks flawless. 

 My flats are the only shoes I have ever bought off Ebay.  But luckily they fit flawlessly, and are super comfortable since they are sideless.  I usually stick to buying accessories only off Ebay, but the risk I took paid off when I got these flats.  VikTip* If you're new to shopping on Ebay, only shop accessories or any pieces that are "One Size Fits All" like scarves or jewelry.  You run a huge risk of things not fitting if it is coming from a private seller and not an accredited company where you are familiar with the sizes.
 How cute are these earrings? They were a total steal for just $7! From Target of course.

Thanks for reading ladies! Stay stylish.

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