BLOG-UST DAY EIGHT! A.W.I.S Tropical Print

When I took on the challenge to overcome my insecurities I started with my legs by challenging myself to wear shorts for one week straight. A year ago, hell, even months ago I never would have bought shorts like this let alone wear them out in public.  These shorts would have been one of those things that I loved but wouldn't buy because I didn't think I could pull them off, even if I wanted to.  I never wear statement pieces on places I don't want attention.  If I don't want people looking at my legs or thighs, I won't wear a printed pant or a short to show off my legs. Now that I am working on my insecurities and my confidence with my legs, I bought the very pair of shorts I wouldn't have before.  

Now, for styling! When you're dealing with prints on the bottom you should try to keep everything else solid on top, unless you're a master at mixing prints.  In order to play with shapes, I paired my tropical print shorts with a black faux leather peplum that I previously wore in my cool tones article, read it here.  To compliment the tropical colors in the shorts, I made sure the rest of my outfits had pops of solid color.  I added a peach bracelet, a bright orange studded belt right at the top of the peplum and faux crystal earrings with a little bit of green, that I found on Ebay for less than $5! 

Since I did keep the rest of the outfit solid, the only place I added an extra bit of prints was on my shoes by pairing my Target shorts with these adorable Sam & Libby Tribal Wedges, also from Target! The whole collection is now on clearance, and every shoe is so adorable that if you have a Target near you, I would seriously consider checking it all out.  

Stay Stylish!

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