BLOG-UST DAY 11: A.W.I.S. Gingham

You know what I love? A GREAT Men's Department find.  I'm always passing through there if I'm on a tomboy kick.  Even when my boyfriend is shopping for himself, I'm always secretly looking at things that I can add to my wardrobe.  Everything about this look is mens inspired or arguably "unisex".  The shorts that I ended off my week in shorts with were these gingham ones I found on clearance at Old Navy marked down from $29.99 to just $10.49, nearly a 3rd of the original price.  Even though summer in Ohio was coming to an end and switching to fall, my move to Pheonix (in the peak of their hot temperatures) validated buying shorts in August.

When I was picking up a shirt for John one day I ended up finding this super cute Chicago Bulls tank! Not only am I head over heels for Chicago itself but I'm a huge Jordan fan and I have the utmost amount of respect for him as an athlete.  I obviously couldn't pass this up, and for being a licensed shirt for $12.99 the price is just unbeatable.

My Express necklace adds extra edginess and masculinity, so even though I paid full price for it, it still falls under our Week In Shorts bargainista ways of being under $30! The bracelet you have seen before in multiple outfits, it's an old find from Charming Charlies.

 My boots are from Target, in preparation for Fall they already released some perfect fall wardrobe additions!

 To polish off my tomboy look, I added a white denim jacket which has been on my short list for a long time.  For those of you readers who are new, let me explain.  Even though I find deals pretty much everywhere I go, I can't help but have a few things that I have been on the hunt for, for years.  This short list included the "perfect ________" of multiple items that I wanted to add to my wardrobe, but would settle for nothing less than head over heels love.  I felt like whenever I found these pieces I would pay for them, no matter the price, as long as I could afford to at the moment.  On this list I had things like the perfect pair of black patent pumps, a perfect black biker jacker, the perfect combat boot, a perfect fall boot, etc.  To date, I have everything I wanted from my short list but for the longest time the only thing missing was a white denim jacket.  I found white denim jackets everywhere I went but never the right one.  They were either too cropped, the buttons were weird, or they had something odd like metallic threading or random embelishments.  I wanted a versatile white denim jacket which pretty much meant white threads, neutral buttons, and perfect length.  Well, I obviously found it seeing as I'm wearing it, and guess where I got it? The store that never ceases to amaze me after years of putting it on fashion strike.....JCPenney.  Best part is, this $52 jacket I bought on clearance for $29.99! If you love it just at much as I do you should buy one while supplies last, get it here

Well, ladies, A.W.I.S is over! I have to say, other than the fact that it gave me the opportunity to share some cute outfits with you all, I think I accomplished what I set out to do.  I have been insecure about my thighs for years now, my body changed once I stopped running track, being a dedicated athlete for 6 years slightly stunted my development so when puberty kicked into overdrive and curves and weight fell into places they had never been before, it took me by surprise.  This really was an eye opening experience for me though.  
            As I walked around streets and the malls in these outfits, I got nothing but compliments.  I didn't get stares or giggles like I was still in middle school with my fly down.  It made me realize maybe what I see in the mirror isn't as bad as I have played it up to be in my own head.  People don't see what I do, they are actually quite kind and most of them see past minute things like cellulite and focus on, "hey, cute shoes", or "Oh girl, I love that necklace!"  
            Even though I know that you all may not be insecure about your thighs, or even anything for that matter, if you DO have something I strongly urge you to flaunt it for a week! The results will amaze you, take my word for it.  I took the very challange I told you guys to take, I practice what I preach and it works.  Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

Thank you so much for reading. I love each and every one of you! You are all gorgeous! Stay stylish

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