BLOG-UST DAY 28: OOTD: Prabal Joe Fresh!

There are a lot of outfits that I wear in my day to day happenings that I don't get to document, but I love.  When I have something like this look put together though, how can I not share it with you all right?  There's so much to say about this look that I don't even know where to begin.  For starters, every single piece on my body had not only been worn in my every day life in various combinations, but they were all featured in some of my most popular outfits.   Do you remember which ones? Let me help you out there......

My shorts were previously worn during my A.W.I.S articles [A Week In Shorts] where I overcame my insecurities, as I talked a couple weeks back, and wore shorts to flaunt the very thing that made me uncomfortable.  They were paired with a bright pink screen tee and a leopard print blazer.  You can see that outfit by clicking HERE.

My blouse is from the Prabal Gurung line for Target that I not only did an extensive review on, but showed you how to style the pieces as well.  You can read that article by clicking HERE.

My shoes, you also saw during A.W.I.S where I had my tropical print shorts on! But most recently, I wore them with a camoflouge men's shirt. Oh, you missed that one? No worries, see the look by clicking HERE.
Another thing I loved about this look, that prompted me to share it with you, is the color! Green is one of my power colors, or a color that looks really good on my complexion, along with yellow and purple.  Every time I wear anything green I get tons of compliments, so I love that I keep finding so many ways to wear these shorts and get my money's worth.

I've said more times than I can count at this point that the most versatile wardrobes come from women who know how to mix and match the pieces they already own.  You should never go shopping to buy a complete look, rather, buy things you like and then take them home and style them accordingly, with pieces you already own.  I hope this outfit really helped reiterate that point, and showed you exactly what I was talking about.  Now go out and find your power color and create a new look by shopping your own closet!

Love you all, stay stylish.

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