OOTWW: Friday's Look

There is no trick to shopping clearance racks.  For me, they just fall into the same category as thrift shops in a sense that you just have to go through every item, not really rely on what the size on the hanger says, and try things on one by one.  If you're lucky, sometimes you will find something amazing, and if you're not you can go back the next day and try again.  Well for me, this dress was one of those amazing finds.  It is a Jones New York dress, that has a faux wrap detail on the side, and just hugs your curves in all the right places.  Something this bold really shouldn't be covered up, so I just wore it by itself, no blazer, no sweater....nothing.  Even though the length is a little longer than something I would usually wear on a day off, I bought it with the intention on wearing it to work, so the length is just perfect to stay professional.  I had actually been looking to add a more business appropriate leopard dress to my wardrobe so when I stumbled upon it, I just couldn't pass it up, and I've finally gotten around to wearing it.  
 The retail value on the tag, or the price they would sell it for at it's original store, was $129.00.  It was selling at T.J.Maxx for $45 originally and had been marked down twice until it reached $29.00.  So in the long run I saved $100 on a name brand dress, pretty good luck if I do say so myself.
And remember ladies, patience it the key to stumbling upon amazing finds like this.  Clearance racks can be ridiculously overwhelming, but if you put your mind to it and take the time, you very well may find yourself saving triple digits on high end products.

Thanks for stopping by today! Love you all!
Stay stylish, xoxo

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